END it…

The Writer’s Strike needs to end. That’s all I should have to say. As a tv junkie (as well as music and movies), I feel like I am running out of things to watch. Now I will have to go to my other hobbies such as reading and going to the gym. I guess going to the gym isn’t so bad.

But back to this strike…

 Writer's Strick 

(picture courtesy of ABC News and (Ric Francis/AP Photo))

As much as the Oscars are boring, I think they are important. I cant imagine what it would be like to be nominated for an Oscar for your first time and not even be able to attend a big event and possibly receive an award from an Academy of over 6,500 peers. These peers include actors, animators and short film makers, art directors and costume designers, cinematographers, composers and songwriters, documentary filmmakers, directors, executives, film editors, producers, public relations specialists, sound technicians, visual effects experts, and writers. That would suck to not be recognized in front of the world. You could never get that moment back.

On the side of music, I will be utterly pissed if they cancel the Grammys! I have been reading that they are in talks to fix it so that the writers can assist with the show. Here’s to hoping…

My list of shows is dwindling down to some good shows mixed with utterly horrible (yet addicting) reality programs.  Here is where I debate listing the mounds of crap I watch at night…


  • Cold Case (i think they are out of new stuff)


  • How I Met Your Mother (best sitcom – out of episodes (maybe))
  • Prison Break (almost out)
  • Terminator (I’ll stick with it, even though I love T2)
  • American Gladiators (I can’t stop laughing at the Travelator in the end Eliminator competition)


  • Biggest Loser (AWESOME SHOW)
  • American Idol


  • Criminal Minds (ends tonight)
  • American Idol
  • Crowned – HYSTERICALLY stupid


  • Ugly Betty (probably almost over)
  • Supernatural (few left)
  • Celebrity Apprentice (just sad)
  • Big Shots (cancelled before strike, back to finish off episodes!!)


  • Ghost Whisperer (she was hot, getting less hot….but she’ll bounce back)
  • Moonlight (great vampire show)
  • NUMB3RS (probably almost out)
  • Womans Murder Club (eh, but i think they are out of episodes anyway)


  • Ain’t nothing on Saturday nights.

Okay, that was completely lame. I have so much to watch even with a strike. Big Brother is coming back too. Among other shows that are mid-season shows. I’ll shut up now, but END THE STRIKE!

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