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Discovering new meaning…

I do this all the time. Since I am obsessed with music and the entertainment industry, I often overlook things and end up rediscovering them later.

In this case, it is the song Broken by Lifehouse. During an episode of Criminal Minds (one of my favorites), the song was played in the end when all the characters were coming to some kind of realization in their lives. Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) was leaving the show. Spencer Reed went to find Gideon, only to find a note. Agent Hotchner’s wife and son just left him. Emily Prentice feels lost, etc.

Sometimes it takes a visual stimulus to understand a song. I think this montage brought this song to the top of my Lifehouse song list… Thank you CBS.

The video ends abruptly, but it should clarify what I mean. This could only work for fans of the show though. 🙂

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