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I love the TRAVELATOR!!

Oh American Gladiators! You are my hero. My source of laughter. The Elimator is the final event in which the two contestants must climb a wall, jump into the water and swim under a patch of fire, climb a huge rope ladder, do a barrel roll, try to do the arm bike, run down a ramp, climb a foam pyramid, fly down a zip line and then run up a moving sidewalk going the opposite direction (TRAVELATOR!!!), climb some stairs and win!

Seems simple enough right? If I were on the show I would approach it as such…jump up the wall, dive into the water and under the fire, climb the rope ladder, immediately fall off barrel roll and run to the hand bike and immediate fall off that, climb up the ladder, run up the pyramid, fly down zip line, run up the travelator with the help of the rope and WIN!

Now watch this video and laugh yourself crazy with Koya’s performance…

  1. January 31, 2008 at 3:50 am

    Great post. I’m loving American Gladiator, as well(just published a post myself on it).
    Last Monday (week and a half ago)… that Christine girl was pretty annoying and, well, not up to snuff for AG.
    This show is just genius.

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