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Concert tonight…

SOLD OUT Concert tonight in Boston, MA.

OneRepublic might make some people sick of hearing Apologize, but it has been one of my favorite songs for the past two years. As I have for most of my musical discoveries , I found OneRepublic a few years ago on myspace and instantly loved Apologize. This was before Timbaland signed them and put his beats on top of their song and they became a household name and featured at the end of practically every CBS show. The following video is sans Timbaland and shows them in their true form…

OneRepublic- Apologize

Another myspace find – Eric Hutchinson. I have never seen him live, but I am looking forward to it. Some of his concerts can be heard at www.archive.org. I can’t wait to hear Rock n Roll and Oh!. Plus I hear he likes to do a few Justin Timberlake ditties. HAHA. Enjoy… 

Eric Hutchinson – Oh!

I hope this concert rocks my socks…

  1. OrSoSheSaid
    February 1, 2008 at 1:20 pm

    Hutchinson is also pretty funny. Did you ever get around to buying his first live album “Before I Sold Out”? Kind of fitting for tonight’s SOLD OUT show!I’m excited for him.

    Should be a great time!

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