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Update: Mariah- Touch My Body

So Mariah Carey’s new song “Touch My Body” has debuted. I have posted an excerpt from the chorus and a link to the song below.

At first listen, I was thinking “eh”. But, guess what, the more I listened I found it catchy. It’s very “ghetto” but, ghetto sells. Especially on radio, lets hope for another hit. 

Lyric excerpt:

“Touch my body
Put me on the floor
Wrestle me around
Play with me some more
Touch my body
Throw me on the bed
I just wanna make you feel
Like you never did.
Touch my body
Let me wrap my thighs
All around your waist
Just a little taste
Touch my body
Know you love my curves
Come on and give me what I deserve
And touch my body.”

Listen Here on her site


Take a Listen here

  1. February 13, 2008 at 5:22 pm

    I listen to Wendy Williams at 107.5 WBLS on my way on from work and I heard that Miss M. made a reference to Wendy Williams the self proclaimed Queen of Radio Media…Check it out….You know that Wendy Williams is a gossip radio Diva. She hosts her own program from 2 until 7 p.m. She loves Miss M.—but she just can’t help but talk about people….cause it is what she does for a living. I applaud Ms. M. for staying in the music game. It is so hard to be beautiful and talented and not get kicked to the curb when the next young lady with a voice comes along. Ms. M. is like Wendy Williams…seasoned. So congrats Ms. M. keep up the good work….we women of a certain age applaud your great efforts and success!!!!

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