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Two Things: Elevator Episode & Top 24 Selection

Okay, first off, is it necessary to have the American Idol Hollywood Week Elevator Episode? A complete waste of time, but I guess FOX knows what its doing. We would watch paint dry if it was called American Idol Primer. Viewers just are addicted, rightfully so.

If we must make these kids take the elevator to the room, walk the long distance across the wooden floor, sit in front of the judges who talk in circles and then try to surprise them with “Yes”, then we must. But I have a solution if you still want to use the elevator. The person can take the elevator to the room. If the door opens and you see the judges, then its a YES! If the door doesn’t open and it stops at the floor, but then goes back down, then its a NO! Perfection, really.


 Top 24 American Idol 2008

So why is that I don’t really recognize some of the Top 24. That has proved to be a detriment to contestants. No airtime prior to Top 24 usually means that America doesn’t really care about you and you are likely to see the boot earlier rather than later. Oh well, my guess is that if Asia’h doesn’t win, then it’ll be a guy who wins this year. David A.?

American Idol Top 24

1. Alaina Whitaker
2. Alexandréa “Alex” Lushington
3. Amanda Overmyer
4. Amy Davis
5. Asia’h Epperson
6. Brooke White
7. Carol “Carly” Hennessy/Smithson
8. Joanne Borgella
9. Kady Malloy
10. Kristy Cook
11. Ramiele Malubay
12. Syesha Mercado


1. Chikezie Eze
2. Colton Berry
3. Danny Noriega
4. David Archuleta
5. David Cook
6. David Hernandez
7. Garrett Haley
8. Jason Castro
9. Jason Yeager
10. Luke Menard
11. Michael (Lee)/Johns
12. Rob “Robbie” Carrico

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