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American Idol – Top 12 Boys – My thoughts

60s theme? Blah. 

Chikeze Eze – I Love You More Today Than Yesterday

I only liked this kid in his first Audition. I think he sounded bad last night. He has a cool name, that’s all for me.

Colton Berry – Suspicious Minds

Since I like Ellen, I think this kid is pretty good. Maybe a little better choice of clothes, but he did pick my favorite Elvis song and I believe did a good job. Some funny faces, but that is expected with a musical theater background.

Danny Noriega – Jailhouse Rock

Gross. I’m ready for this kid to go home. He has a decent voice (other than this song) but he just annoys me to no end.

David Archuletta – Shop Around

I think this kid is an Internet and fan favorite. He also has the talent and personality to back it up. I hope he gets far in this competition. My only negative comment is that he took a song written for a female and switched the genders. Eh. ** I have been corrected. Apparently, this was first done by Smokey Robinson. Oops.**

David Cook – So Happy Together

Nothing special for me. He’s alright. Now if he didn’t have such a gross haircut, I might be able to watch him sing.

David Hernandez – In the Midnight Hour

David H. has a great voice. I understand there is nothing special about him, but I think he would fit right in on the pop/r&b charts. Right in.

Garret Haley – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I hate to say it, but Simon was kind of right. I think he just needs a haircut. Maybe a tan. I didn’t actually hear much of his song cause the rest was distracting.

Jason Castro – Day Dream

This kid is good, despite the funny faces he makes. I think he has a good chance.

Jason Yeager – Moon River

Why would you pick this song? Seriously. He might get some votes based on the video clip of his audition and shots of him and his son.

Luke Menard – Everybody’s Talking At Me

Too cocky and just not that good. Sorry.

Michael Johns – Light My Fire

Unfortunately, over-rated. Can an Australian win American Idol?

Robbie Carrico – One

So, Robbie used to date Britney Spears. Nice. Well, at least one of us did. You think he feels any guilt about the way her life turned out?Robbie Carrico

  1. calista
    February 21, 2008 at 3:14 am

    Jason Castro was good, surprisingly. Usually the ones (the top 24) they didn’t pimp out during the auditions are the ones that weren’t so good. They made it to the top 24 only to be voted out early. I hope Jason make it to the final 12.

    I don’t care much about the rest. Oh, I like Michael Johns though.

    And yeah, I kinda agree with Simon on Robbie’s authenticity as a rocker because he doesn’t have that rocker thing about him. Trying too hard maybe?

  2. Rich
    February 22, 2008 at 11:42 am

    I hate to contradict you ,but shop around was first sung by its autor Smokey Robinson. I think he wold have a problem with being called a girl!

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