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Top 24 – Top 12 Girls – My Thoughts

Once again, 60’s theme? BLAH!

Alaina Whitaker – Today Than Yesterday

She wasn’t too bad. I really didn’t remember too much about her performance, but I do remember that she wants new shoes for her birthday.

Alexandrea “Alex” Lushington – Spinning Wheel

I think this little TomBoy is pretty good. Stupid song choice, but I think she deserves another round.

Amanda L. Overmeyer – Please Don’t Go

Why do people like this girl? She screams the whole time. I also think she will sound the same in every song. Who knows? Maybe I am wrong.

Amy Davis – Where the Boys Are

Oh god, Hope they send her where the boys are….off-stage, back in her home town. So pretty, not so pretty sounding.

Asiah Epperson – Piece of My Heart

She is still my pick for the girls. She is so pretty, especially with her straight hair. She has the energy and she can, in the words of Randy, “blow.” I also think she reminds me a little bit of Monica (the singer, not Lewinsky). 


Brooke White – So Happy Together

Mia Farrow? Is that you? Brooke has the talent and she’s playing the Melinda Doolittle “nice” card. She should go far.

Carly Smithson – The Shadow of Your Smile

Frankly, Shirley….I think she is a bit overrated. Considering she was signed years ago, put out a huge flop, not sure what is so great. Her cd with MCA records sold 368 copies. They forked out $2.2 million on her.

Joanne Borgella – Say a Little Prayer for Me

I think she looks like Ashanti. Thats all I have to say. The voice sounded super “eh” last night. She might go. 

Kady Malloy – Groovy Kind of Love

I think she sounded great. I get that the judges said she was boring, cause I think I had a slight case of narcolepsy. Strong voice. 

Kristy Lee Cook – Rescue Me

So pretty. Decent Voice. Used to be signed on a country label. Big shock. She should stay. 

Ramiele Malubay – You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me 

Judges love her. I think she sounds good. I don’t feel blown away though. Her main competition is Asia’h or Syesha in my eyes.

Syesha Mercado – Tobacco Road

I love this girl. She won me over in Hollywood when she had no voice and then belted “Chain of Fools”. I hate the song she did. Who wants to hear “Tobacco Road”? Not me. She should stay though.

  1. calista
    February 21, 2008 at 11:31 pm

    I’m gonna say something not good about Kristy, don’t be mad or anything, it’s just my opinion…

    I think if she sang Amazing Grace AGAIN, the judges might love her, and if she got through, she could sing another Amazing Grace, and again and again and again… I mean she did it three times (I heard 2, Josiah said 3… she sang that at final audition maybe?) during the auditions, if the judges (the producers more likely) put her in the Top 24 based on 1 song, maybe the voters will do the same?

  2. February 22, 2008 at 8:31 am

    No more Amazing Grace!! I think that’s the problem with Kristy, Amazing Grace is the only song that she thinks she can sing perfectly. Such a pretty face too.

    I don’t get why they hate Kady’s performance. She sang well although the song’s a bit cheesy but still she has a good voice.

    I’d still root for Ramiele though 🙂

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