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Beautiful Nightmare vs. We Break the Dawn

March 31, 2008 Leave a comment

Do we like Beyonce’s leaked song “Beautfiful Nightmare” or “We Break the Dawn” by her former bandmate, Michelle Williams?

Beyonce – More Pop/Rock, less R&B

Michelle – More R&B/Hip-hop, no gospel (see below)

Good battle!


BB9 – Natalie nominates… – March 30, 2008

March 31, 2008 Leave a comment

My least favorite competitor keeps on doing the right thing. She nominated James and Joshua for eviction this week. The only way James can stay in the house is if he wins HOH or POV every week until the end. Then he has to hope the jury chooses him. Slim chances, but he should.

From the spoiler sites, James goes a bit crazy this week, thus probably turning everyone against him even more. Poor kid.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow night, even though I already know. 🙂

Michelle Williams – We Break The Dawn – THE JAM!

March 31, 2008 3 comments

I’m addicted. I can’t wait for August now. She might have a good summer hit with this one. “Umbrella” anyone?

article and song:,,20186964,00.html

Mariah Carey – Love Story – E=MC2

March 31, 2008 1 comment

I really hope this CD lives up to its hype. It is getting alot of press and Mariah will be flooding the TV scene both domestically and internationally soon.

Here is a preview of another track off the album. It is called “Love Story” and sounds good to me. 🙂

Ingram Hill – With You

March 28, 2008 Leave a comment

This is genius! A cover of a catchy Chris Brown song, With You.

They could play this version on the radio. LOVE IT!!!

Flippy Flippy and maybe even Sabra

March 28, 2008 Leave a comment

Um, wow. This dance was crazy. I think I even saw Sabra from So You Think You Can Dance!

Top 10 –> Top 9 – Not a huge shocker

March 27, 2008 Leave a comment

Bottom Three: Cheezits (not a surprise), Syesha (somewhat a surprise), Jason Castro (somewhat a surprise)

So Cheezits went home. I think it was inevitable. I don’t think he is marketable. He bored too many people and didn’t connect. He has a great voice. I think Syesha is falling into that trap as well. People cannot connect with her personality. She isn’t original though, great voice, just nothing special. Jason was just getting to comfortable; maybe this will be the shake up he needs.

On to more important things, Kimberley Locke. Um, was it me or was she STUFFED into that dress. Particularly her boobs. Not sure if last nights theme was prom night but Paula, Kimberley and Ryan were ready.