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Top 8 Boys – American Idol – My Thoughts

I must say, I was not looking forward to 80s theme night. I was happily surprised that most of the guys picked songs that weren’t so SLAP IN THE FACE 80s. Tonight proved to me that the men this season have a bit more talent than the women. 

Luke Menard – “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”  – He must go. Give him the boot America. I’m done. Who does a Wham song?

David Archuleta – “Another Day in Paradise” I like this kid, but for the first time this season I noticed his heavy breathing when he talks and the annoying licking of his lips when he is singing. He’s still my pick. I think many families will vote for him cause he poses no threat and is, essentially, a safe choice. Probably why he won Star Search previously. Not to mention, he’s got a great voice.

Please note the breathing and lip licking. STOP!

Danny Noriega – “Tainted Love” – This kid needs to pack his bags and leave as well. Maybe he can grab his purse too. Not a fan of his theatrics; his voice is alright. Unfortunately, I think he is this year’s Sanjaya.

David Hernandez -“It’s All Coming Back to Me” – Good voice. I think the scandal (who cares) will hurt him this week. His performance was good, but I don’t care for men covering a song done by a woman. He may have to go home with Luke this time.

Michael Johns – “Don’t You Forget About Me” – He is good, but….Australian. Shouldn’t be on American Idol, right? He will stick around for awhile. Seems a bit cocky, but that never hurt anyone.

David Cook – “Hello” – Hi. Decent. Okay, actually good. My only problem with him is that I don’t like to look at him. I think its just the haircut, what is that?

Jason Castro – “Hallelujah” – Favorite performance of the night. This kid got hardly any air time (or none) during auditions, so I didn’t know what to expect.  What a great song. My favorite part of the performance was when he butchered one of the final notes and you saw the disgust in his face. Priceless.

Chikezie – “All the (Wo)Man That I Need” – Bye? Please. I am done with Cheez-its. Don’t play this off like you weren’t doing the Whitney version.

My hopes are for Luke, Danny and Chikezie to head home. Please?

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