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Our Top 12 is Revealed – America has made my day!

Well, my dreams have come true. Danny Noriega is gone and I won’t have to scream everytime I watch Idol for the rest of the season. SWEET.

Unfortunately, my predictions about Asia’h came through last night. I just think the Top 24 portion of the show really exposed her weaknesses and helped everyone else shine through.

Our Top 12, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Michael Johns – Australian, not American.

Seyesha Mercado – GREAT

David Archuleta – Might just win

Carly Smithson – Irish, not American. Over-rated.

David Cook – Bad Hair. Daughtry fate, if he makes it that far. Probably not as successful.

Ramiele Malubay – Not marketable, but good voice.

Jason Castro – Jack Johnson label, Brushfire Records, here he comes.

Kristy Lee Cook – Leave. Need some mustache wax?

David Hernandez – Good voice. Nothing special, surprised he made it through the scandal.

Brooke White – Mia Farrow. Good voice. Eh, excite me please!

Chikezie – Leave please.

Amanda Overmyer – Goodbye? Please?

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    March 7, 2008 at 10:48 am

    hello entirelyrandom…

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