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Big Brother 9 – March 11, 2008


I will be so pissed if America brings back anyone other than Alex. No one else deserves to come back, especially not Allison or Amanda. Although, that could stir the pot a bit.

Last nights show was a bit of a shocker. Sharon and Chelsia were on the block before the POWER OF VETO competition. The girls (and Joshuah) decided they were going to offer Ryan a two week free-pass if he put Matt on the block and vote him out. I believe they really would have and the house would be better off without Matt (aka douchebag, tool, etc). Of course, Natalie is an idiot and in love with Matt and will do anything he wants, so she told Matt the plan. Matt told Ryan and things just spiraled.

Things were going to go the girls way, until after the power of veto competition, when Ryan took the $10k from Shiela and made her wear the leotard from Jen’s haydays last year. Shiela was complaining in the kitchen that Ryan should have let her keep the money. Chelsia simply stated that she shouldn’t play the “single mom” card cause people in the house would use it against her. Nothing of harm to come from that. Well, Shiela flipped out and ruined the girls game and plan to get Matt out. STUPID.

Shiela told Ryan that the girls weren’t truthful or trustworthy. Ryan chose James after Chelsia took herself off the block.

UGH. James cannot go home. So Sharon should go home tonight and Alex should return. In an ideal Big Brother game…

This was not last night, but was funny…hope his parents aren’t watching.

  1. cindy
    March 31, 2008 at 11:46 am

    I can’t believe the way Chelsea behaved when she was evicted and before. I am so happy she is gone. She really has a-lot of growing up to do. I am so happy that 21 year old BRAT did not win the money. Natalie, you go girl. I hope you go all the way to the end. The way you behaved when Chelsea did and said all of those things to you, You should be very proud of yourself. You are a much better person than I

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