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Top 12 – American Idol – It begins…

So the real competition begins and really, with one of my least favorite themes. Oh well… 

My favorite of the night was Brooke White. For sure. My reviews of each…below.

Syesha Mercado – “Got to Get You Into My Life” – Nothing special for me. I still think she has a good voice and a cute personality; I hope she connects with America. I think she will stay around.

Chikezie Eze – “She’s a Woman” – For the first time, I think I enjoyed Cheez-its. WOW. The beginning kind of reminded me of the opening scene of the movie The Jerk with Steve Martin. Ha. Although this was good, he could be a shock elimination. Not sure how much of America likes him.

Ramiele Malubay-“In My Life” – This girl has a good voice. Where has it been for the last few weeks? Like I said, I don’t think she is marketable. If she goes, its neither here nor there. She won’t win.

Jason Castro -“If I Fell” – Coffee Shop – esque (weird fact: As I was writing this portion, Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg came on my player). Agreed with Simon. This kid is good and he should (and deserves to) to far in the competition. Like I said before, Brushfire Records will sign him as soon as the season is done. Maybe a few duets with Jack Johnson and Matt Costa.

Carly Smithson -“Come Together” – She rocked it out. I still don’t think she is amazing. Let’s hope she doesn’t flop twice if she gets signed again.

David Cook -“Eleanor Rigby” – Dark horse, indeed. Get rid of the stupid hair David Cook. He’s good. Won’t win, but he is good. He can hope to endure the same fate as Chris Daughtry. Start collecting your bandmates David for your group Cook.

Brooke White -“Let it Be” – This was my favorite performance of the night. I love the piano. She didn’t try to ruin the song by changing the genre or speeding it up. She “let it be” raw and emotional. Kudos.

David Hernandez – “I Saw Her Standing There” – The scandal and this performance may give David Hernandez the boot tonight. What is this, a high school talent show? Let’s not oversing every word, k? Oh well, David you have a good voice and a good outlook. If you are back next week, keep to your promises.

Amanda Overmyer -“You Can’t Do That” – I am still not sure why she is here, but this was alright. She probably wont go home yet. Its amazing how her face does not match her body. Not sure if anyone else notices that.

Michael Johns -“Across the Universe” – Australian. They have Australian Idol, just so you know Michael. He’s alright. He won’t be going home yet. I kinda like the song though, especially from I am Sam.

Kristy Lee Cook -“Eight Days a Week” – Vomit. Bad notes. Good try though. I wonder if Carrie Underwood could pull this off. At least she didn’t have a mustache this week. She should go home.

David Archuleta -“We Can Work it Out” – I will allow him to have his off weeks. He didn’t seem to have any confidence this week in the song and that was to his detriment. It’s okay though; he can shake it off and come back next week with a dreary, slow song and make America love him again. I don’t think he is in danger of leaving, yet.

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