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And then there were 11 – American Idol

Why must they drag out the results nights on American Idol? I mean, I know the reason, but come on.

Breaking News! UGH, another week of Lennon/McCartney songs. SHOOT ME! 

Group numbers with 12 different voices definitely didn’t work. I think when we get down to six finalists, we should try again. Until then, NO!

Ford commercials? NO!

Katharine McPhee looked great. I wanted Ryan to ask her, “So, how does it feel to be dropped from your label?” but he didn’t. It appears that she is now working with David Foster, so maybe she has a new deal. I must research. She did a great job. She reminds me of my friend Evyan, maybe thats why I love her a little more than others do.

Let’s watch, then we can discuss the results.

Bottom Three: Syesha Mercardo, David Hernandez (why do I always want to put Hernandex?), Kristy Lee Cook

Going home: David Hernandez. This wasn’t a big shocker although I would have rather Kristy Lee Cook have gone home tonight. But she will go soon.

Buy Brooke White’s studio version of “Let it Be” on itunes !

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