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BB9 – March 18th – James wins POV

Oh how I love when things go the way I want them to on Big Brother. Last nights episode could not have gone any better.

For those of you who don’t recall, James was voted out of the house last week. Then voted back in when the houseguests had to decide whether to bring him back or another evicted member that America had chosen. So, they chose James. Oops for them. James came back and won HOH and nominated Ryan and Shiela for eviction.

When playing for HOH, James made a deal with Natalie that he would keep Natalie and Matt safe from eviction if he won. Natalie dropped. James said he would stick to his word. 

Over the past two episodes, he has been trying to figure out who didn’t vote him back in. Sheila fessed up. Ryan fessed up. Matt lied to James and said he did.  James wasn’t sure whether it was Adam or Matt. Sharon helped him see the light. It was Matt. Matt has managed to screw himself over time and time again, but Natalie is always bailing him out. No idea why she has undying love for him.

James decided last night, after winning the POV that he was going to use it. He was going to take Shiela off the block (strategically) and put Matt up. SWEET. He explained that this is a solo game and he didn’t feel Natalie and Matt were playing for themselves. So he had to go against his word (which may hurt him in the future, but he does have the best game). Matt cries and wants to give up. GOOD, go home! HA

Oh, please vote Matt out.

James for the win!

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