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Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Top 10 – American Idol

Last night on Idol, another one of my dreams came true. Haha.

First off, Idol needs to hold back on the group numbers until the finalists can learn how to sing together and/or with each other. It just sounds like a gigantic mess. Also, I know Ford gives lots of money to Fox for Idol, but can we be spared those horrible commercials? Yikes.

Kellie Pickler looked good and sounded, well, like Kellie Pickler. I am happy she has found success in the country world. I rather enjoyed her debut album and am looking forward to her follow-up. If only she could learn to sing “I Wonder” without crying. Ugh.

Back to the results, the bottom three: Carly, Amanda and Kristy. I know alot of people were surprised about Carly, but I wasn’t. I don’t think everyone loves her as much as they used to. The funnier thing though is that this week was the first week where I didn’t mind her so much. Oh well, she was safe.

Amanda Overmyer goes home. Finally. “You just got the boot, now sing!”

Our Top Ten:

Brooke White

Carly Smithson

Chikeze Eze

David Archuleta

David Cook

Jason Castro

Kristy Lee Cook

Michael Johns

Ramiele Malubay

Syesha Mercado

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