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So Vindicated – David Cook NOT ORIGINAL

Thank you Dlisted. http://dlisted.com/node/24811

“Those stupid ass judges on American Idol keep praising David Cook for being so f%^$^g original. The b%$ch is not original! He’s extra crispy! Last night, he sang Chris Cornell’s version of Jacko’s Billie Jean. Ryan Gaycrest credited Cornell before David Cook’s performance, but the judges still commented on how “brave” and “original” he was. Tell Paula to put down the freon tea, pick up a dictionary and look up the word “original.” David does do a good job, but they need to stop praising him for being a musical genius.

David also copied Incubus’ version of Hello and Doxology’s version of Eleanor Rigby. He’s doing what all the other contestants are doing. He’s doing a cover of a cover.”

I’ve said this before. I feel much better now. See below…

Incubus – Hello

Doxology – Eleanor Rigby

 I can breathe now…He’s still good.

  1. Vikki
    April 2, 2008 at 5:44 am

    TMZ is just now reporting on this (april 2nd) Matt’s got the scoop on TMZ? Wha??? LOL

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