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Top 10 Performances – Idol – My Thoughts

Ramiele Malubay – Alone

The curse of going first might hurt her. She also might have assumed she was safe until Kristy Lee did “God Bless the USA” which may save her (stupidly). Ramiele has a good voice and I think she did alright on the song, but I will continue to think she is not marketable. She won’t win. She will probably go home; I don’t feel that America really connects with her.

Jason Castro – Fragile

I still like Jason Castro, but I feel that we will never hear something “different” from him. He will always be poised to be signed to Brushfire Records under Jack Johnson’s guidance. Not too bad though, I’d take it. 

Syesha Mercado – If I Was Your Woman

So, I still love Syesha. I think she is so pretty and she has an awesome voice. If only she didn’t pick such boring and obscure songs. I still think she deserves to stay. I don’t know how marketable she would be since she is very common, but it’s fun to see her each week. I much prefer her straightened hair (bonus tidbit). Ha

Chikezie Eze – If Only For One Night

Cheezits just bores me. I don’t think he would sell many albums. I don’t have much to say. 🙂 

Brooke White – Every Breath You Take

So she messed up at the beginning; who cares? 🙂 I think she did a good job. I love piano, but I didn’t hate when the band came in. I think that it was blown out of proportion. She sounded great at the beginning, middle and end. Get over the arrangements judges.


Michael Johns – We Will Rock You

What I liked or noticed about Michael Johns’ performance was that it appeared to be not just a “HS talent” show, but almost like concert footage. It was a big visual spectacle compared to the rest of the performances. His singing, or should I say, SHOUTING, was not that spectacular. He still bores me. Australian, too.


Carly Smithson – Total Eclipse of the Heart

Irish. Boring. Has proven she can flop a major label album. I just felt the whole thing was “safe” and not surprising. I wish I didn’t feel mean thinking she was over-rated.

David Archeluta – You’re the Voice

I felt this obscure song choice was not so bad. He was engaging and I wasn’t bored. I think it also might be that I wish I could sing half as good as this kid. It is so effortless. He did have a really SWEET crack in the middle of the song, but that is alright. He needs to be careful that he doesn’t always pick preachy songs though. David Foster might like this kid.

Kristy Lee Cook – God Bless The USA

Sans mustache, she was alright. She did the best she could. Like the judges said, she may have picked the only song that can possibly keep her safe this week. There is alot of patriotism going around nowadays; this song might make Ramiele go home first. Maybe Cheezits? Is she this years Carmen Rasmusen? Mikaylah Gordon? Camille Velasco?

David Cook – Billie Jean

I hope people realized that he didn’t arrange that song himself. He covered the Chris Cornell version of the song. I feel that he is good, but on the same token, he plays it “safe” doing songs like this. This is his comfort zone. The judges get on everyone else for playing it safe, but not David Cook? Lets be fair now. He’s still really good. He shouldn’t want to win though, he will do better without winning, kinda like Daughtry.

  1. anna
    March 26, 2008 at 10:29 am

    ohmigod, somebody needs to smack the person who has the audience doing the arm-waving thing all the time.

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