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American Idol – Top 9 – Dolly Parton Week – My Thoughts

Brooke White – “Jolene”

Um, Brooke? Where did you go? I felt absolutely no connection on that song. Although, I was shocked that she chose the song. I thought for sure that David Cook would steal someone elses version of “Jolene”. Wrong again. Either way, Brooke is good (sometimes) and frankly, there have been a few weeks of eh. Don’t let it happen again! We like you. Oh, brush your hair.

David Cook – “Little Sparrow” 

I am happy that he finally cleared the air about the big “cover of cover” scandal. I felt it was pretty reminiscent of Daughtry a few years back with his “cover of cover” scandal. Ha. Anyway, I like David Cook, but I felt this week was a bit dull. He won’t be going anywhere though. I did read that he was rushed to the hospital with heart palpitations, but he is okay. See you next week David.

Ramiele Malubay – “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind”

Ramiele just bores me, plain and simple. She doesn’t connect. I feel that she is one of those snots in high school that no on really liked, but they kept her around anyway. This week they should let her go back to Miramar, Fl.  

Jason Castro – “Traveling Through”

I liked it. He was in my top three of the night with this song. It just solidifies the fact that I think he should be signed to Brushfire Records. Pronto. I doubt he will win, but he deserves to win a record deal, for sure. Still not a fan of the hair though.

Carly Smithson – “Here You Come Again”

This was a song not written by Dolly, and maybe that was a good idea for Carly. I was honestly surprised I didn’t hear her sing “I Will Always Love You” this week. But thank god, cause I loved Syesha doing it. This song that Carly did, I didn’t recognize at all. I had to go back and listen to Dolly sing it to say, “oh, duh. I know that one.” I just have no interest in Carly and am surprised at her big following. BOO

David Archuleta – “Smokey Mountain Memories”

This definitely brought David Archuleta back to form. I think he always has to do ballads that he can showcase his voice. The up-tempo often come across as goofy and uncomfortable. I don’t see the immaturity that others do; I think some can’t get passed the age thing. I hope he keeps on going strong. This was my second favorite performance of the night (even though there were some crazy cracks in the middle). 🙂 

Kristy Lee Cook – “Coat of Many Colors”

Kristy Lee makes me vomit. Please leave. I also decided that she looks alot like LeAnn Rimes. Could it be the eyebrows? 

Syesha Mercado – “I Will Always Love You”

I wish people would give this girl some credit. Realize that she is not Whitney or Mariah and move on. Syesha was my favorite of the night. She blended the Dolly version with the Whitney version and executed it awesomely (yes, I said awesomely). It was very subdued at the beginning, ending each stanza with one note instead of a run. The end was the Whitney power notes; ending with a long held out note (which Shelly said was TOO TOO long). Ha. I love Syesha, I wish more people did. Here’s to hoping she stays another week.

Michael Johns – “It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right”

I thought that it was hysterical for me. Only because when Ryan Seacrest announced that Michael Johns was coming up after the break, I said to myself, “Oh, I completely forgot he was still on the show.” Oops, I guess that shows how much I care. I will say he did a good job and sounded nice and really went for it. But he is still not a favorite of mine. I don’t think he is in any danger of going anywhere yet.

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