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Mariah – E=MC2 Leaked?!

Mariah CoverWe all knew it would happen, but fortunately, the die hard fans have already pre-ordered the CD and we are anxiously awaiting the release and subsequent standings on the Billboard sales chart. Hopefully round 2 of the comeback continues full force.

So, I’ve heard the songs. I think she was right in saying that this is the 2nd power of Emancipation of Mimi. The album has the same feel to it. I think that E=MC2 might have more radio friendly hits. The ballads aren’t as soaring as We Belong Together and Don’t Forget About Us, but BYE BYE, I STAY IN LOVE, and LOVE STORY might have a chance as chart toppers or top 10. MIGRATE ft. T-Pain and SIDE EFFECTS ft. Young Jeezy are somewhat catchy and I can definitely hear them being played in a club.  The fun bubbly tracks are O.O.C. and I’M THAT CHICK. I WISH YOU WELL is her obligatory gospel-esque track. Sounds fantastic.

Rounding out the album are a few tracks that, to me, feel like fillers. I think most fans will be fine with playing this album from start to finish. Way to go Mariah!

We will see you on Wednesday singing “FLY LIKE A BIRD” on Idol Gives Back.

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