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Today’s Listening Pleasure – Part 1

Dave Barnes – Me and You and the WorldDave Barnes (www.davebarnes.com)

Dave Barnes (good friend of Matt Wertz) has previously released two independent albums Chasing Mississippi and Brother, Bring the Sun. Both releases did well in the music community and furthering his career as a legitimate talent and touring success. His third release Me and You and the World finds him treading into new territory; it is his first, other than independent, label release. His new label is Razor and Tie.

This album does not disappoint. No need to worry that he may have “sold out” and become someone he is not. His christian-tinged music is still there. No preaching, but just quality tunes. There are ten new tracks and two re-worked tracks from prior albums. UNTIL YOU and ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS have been tweaked ever so slightly and fit right in. These two tracks deserved a mass release.

MAYATW is another album where you can listen from track 1 to the end and not need to skip one song. Long gone are the days when CDs only contained a few good tracks. Thank you digital music.

With ITUNES backing Dave as “the next big thing”, he should find some commercial success. Much deserved. His pal Matt Wertz shall soon be following in the “next big thing” footsteps.

Check out ME AND YOU AND THE WORLD on itunes for $5.99 for a limited time.

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