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Top 8 – Inspirational Songs – My Thoughts

INSPIRATIONAL SONG NIGHT – Actually live blogging tonight, wow.

Michael Johns – Dream On

Well, he screamed the entire song and frankly made me want to vomit. And I am really starting to get sick of the contestants talking back to the judges; just let them say their thoughts and move on. Do with it what you want. I hear that there is an Australian Idol Michael if this doesn’t work out for you.

Paula’s breasts should be the theme of the night.

Syesha Mercado – I Believe

Before hearing it, I say “Why?” After hearing it, “WOW!” I thought that she was amazing and I thought that Randy is the dumbest person on the planet. I hope that people feel that Syesha deserves to stay. I would also like to know why no one commented on the last note. She killed it and I want to marry her now. The end. Ha

Jason Castro – Somewhere Over the Rainbow (BIG HAWAIIAN MAN Version)

I love this simple version. I am so grateful that he did not do the Judy Garland version or the acapella Kat McPhee version. I always feel like Jason Castro seeks to feel each song that he sings. I hope that people get him. I loved his version and thought that he really nailed it. Why were the judges right for Jason and not Syesha?

Kristy Lee Cook – Anyway

Can she just go? I don’t care if she can sometimes pull it off. She annoys me without even singing. What a bold move to do a Martina song when you suck. So, I hate to say this, I think that Kristy Lee can sing a bit when she belts. The best part of the performance was when Paula got up and started dancing along. I might have to agree with Simon that it was good. I HATE SAYING THAT. I am worried for Syesha now. 😦

David Cook – Innocent

I don’t know that I would consider OUR LADY PEACE as inspirational, but David Cook needed his rock song. He really has a lesbian hair cut (no offensive). David Cook started off the song crappy. In my opinion, it continued to be crappy. ZZZZZZ. The cheesiest ending with, “GIVE BACK” on his hand. I think Paula is deaf, maybe Marlee Matlin can replace her next year.

Carly Smithson – The Show Must Go On

Queen? Seriously? First off, she looks like a circus clown, but somewhat pretty. Which probably makes no sense at all. As I listen to her, I still can’t figure out why everyone thinks she has an amazing voice. I DO NOT GET IT. I’m even Irish. Hmmm. I agree with Simon that she sounded angry. PLEASE BE IN THE BOTTOM THREE AND GO HOME!

David Archuleta – Angels

I love this song. I get so jealous when I see people that can play the piano and sing effortlessly. David was a bit boring at the beginning, but I knew he would pick it up at the end. He’s just really good and hopefully he is safe. He needs weeks like this. Definitely in the top three for me this week.

The best sign “David, Lick those lips”. Um, haha.

Brooke White – You’ve Got A Friend

Not a shock that she is doing a Carole King song. Not at all. Positive note: she looks good. She sounds like Brooke. I think the performance is pretty boring, but much better than she has done for the past few weeks. She always looks so worried when she is singing; lighten up Brooke! My thoughts: Eh

  1. Contessa Confessa
    April 8, 2008 at 8:19 pm

    Michael Johns– dream on ’bout fittin’ into those tight jeans (did you see the camera zoom in on his fat roll– and then immediately zoom out?!… ewww)

    Brooke is either constipated (or has herpes)… still debating.

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