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BB9 – POV – April 8, 2008

Adam is in trouble; the house hates him, except for James. CBS didn’t air any of the rumored business about Adam discussing his Diary Room talk in which he was tricked into keeping James off the block during the first nominations.

Sheila annoys the crap out of me. First off, she hasn’t won anything since she has been in the house. 50 something days of just skating by. BOOOOOOO. She needed to shut up about how she “would never do that to Adam, never”. Come on lady, play the game. I wish she would just miraculously disappear out of the house. It would be awesome if CBS plastered the house with her Penthouse Pictures. Oh man, HA.

So POV. Ryan wins and I want to scream. If he wins the game, Jen is just going to spend all his money. Come to think of it, he doesn’t seem to miss her too much. Hmmm. So he wins the POV and takes Sheila off the block (whyyyyyyyyyyy?). Adam puts James up (big shock, uh no).

Sharon feels safe (as she should). James isn’t going to give up just yet. If he gets evicted, maybe they will bring him back again! Ha, wishful thinking

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