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Biggest Loser 5 – Top 4

I don’t usually post about THE BIGGEST LOSER, but as my friends know, it is one of my favorite shows on television. I do not think there is one reality show that is more inspiring than this one. I tell my friends how much I desire to be on this show, but since I am not big enough, they call me a fool. It’s not that I want to be on the show to lose weight, I want to be part of the show. I want to feel the way these contestants and trainers do. I want to have my butt kicked in the gym by the trainers. I want to learn the right way to eat. I just want to be there.

I wanted to share some pictures from NBC.com from last nights 2nd to last episode.

Top 4:

Ali – Finalist (Has lost 99 lbs – most for a woman on the ranch/campus)

Kelly – Finalist (Has lost 93 lbs)

Mark – Potential Finalist (Has lost 116 lbs)

Roger – Potential Finalist (Has lost 144 lbs – Most on BL history)

Tune in next Tuesday for the LIVE finale. The finalist will have had three months (i think) to lose more and tone up. Winner takes home $250,000.

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