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Idol Gives Back – My Thoughts

Overall, I think I was disappointed compared to last year.  I hate to say that because the money raised goes to some good causes. The footage of the work being done was moving, but I think the entertainment filler was mostly boring. I enjoyed that they brought the past finalists of So You Think You Can Dance out. I cant wait for that show to start up again. Surprisingly, the Idol finalists weren’t too bad at singing Don’t Stop the Music by Rihanna.

At 2:32 in the video below, lets watch Fergie do her two one-handed walk-overs while holding a mic and going back to singing. I think this was the most anticipated performance of the night for me. Ha. 🙂

Why did Miley Cyrus and Billy Crystal waste my time? Why did Miley Cyrus perform twice? Why did Robin Williams waste my time? Many many questions! Why was Kristy Lee Cook’s mic louder than anyone elses during SEASONS OF LOVE? Why didn’t they give Syesha the SOLO part? Hmmm. I still liked it when the chorus came along and finally drowned out Kristy Lee. 

The segments with Annie Lennox and Forest Whittaker hit the hardest. I can’t even imagine being in that situation. I guess thats what they are trying to show everyone. How good most of us have it. Annie’s performance was good. Certainly did not lack emotion. Carrie Underwood looked gorgeous as always and sounded great. I think she was getting a little choked up at the end.

Hmm. What else? Oh, it ran over time so my dvr didn’t get the end. Which means, I missed Mariah. I heard it wasn’t a fantastic performance. But I will post it anyway (of course).

Finally, I missed SHOUT TO THE LORD by the finalists to end the night. I found it below. I think they sounded good and David Cook’s solo was awesome! 

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