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Biggest Loser FINALE!

One sentence sums it up: THEY ALL LOOK AMAZING.

One more sentence, I WANT TO BE ON THIS SHOW.

The winner of the “at home” contest is: Bernie! He is down to 153lbs from 283lbs which means he lost about 46% of his body weight. HOLY GEEZ! I love this show. He wins $100,000.

I was awestruck when ALI walked out. She is a twig. She must weigh less than the trainers and the host. Unreal. Still waiting for weigh-in…

The WINNER of this season is: ALI!!!! 234 TO 122 lbs. UNREAL. She is amazing! $250k is hers to take.


This was ALI before. WHOA

  1. Jenn
    April 17, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    Ali IS a twig! I am so glad she won, but her calves just do NOT match the rest of her body and its annoying me!

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