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MARIAH week. Top 7. My thoughts…

I am not gonna lie, I was scared when I heard it was Mariah Carey week. But, I will remain hopeful…I think. More live blogging…sorry for the scattered remarks.

David Archuleta – When You Believe

He is a goof. Is Mariah giving constructive criticism? WHOA.

Hmm. Did he forget the lyrics and just, ah, sing ad lib? Waiting for Judges. Okay, I was wrong; just an odd arrangement. I liked it, but then again, I usually always liked David Archuleta. Hopefully he is through to next week. I’m sure he is. All the judges loved him. What they didn’t comment on was his uh, pleather pants. AH

Carly Smithson – Without You

First off, this isn’t really a Mariah Carey song. But thats okay, she is Irish. 🙂

I hate that I don’t hate this. She is doing a nice subdued version. She bores me. I think she kind of botched or screwed up her intended first belting note, but unfortunately pulls off this song. Did I forget to mention that she is wearing SLEEVES?! and… A DRESS!? Whoa. She’ll be fine next week.

Randy thinks it was pretty good. Paula liked the vocal restraint. Simon didn’t like her. Direct comparison didn’t convince him.

Syesha Mercado – Vanishing

Holy Crap, I am nervous and excited. Maybe a lesser known Mariah song will help everyone not “compare” her to the divas. Or, Simon will just say “that song title sealed your fate”. Might be the latter since for some reason America hates her. Ugh.

Okay, now the performance. Mariah giving pointers again! YAY. I thought it was amazing! They changed up the song a little from the Mariah version. They never recognize her mad skills. She’s always my favorite. I’m gonna vote for her 49873 times. Or a few.

Brooke White – Hero

I am wondering why Brooke chose HERO. So Brooke is bringing “realness” to her version of HERO.

Brooke and her piano. Definitely can’t compare her to Mariah, but I am not hating it. Yet. One thing with Brooke is that I feel I am hearing the same song over and over again. I think that she brought her own soul to the song. Decent job Brooke. Everyone can’t do well tonight! I don’t want Syesha gone.

Okay, Brooke needs to stop talking. And, I can not imagine Gloria Estefan singing HERO. Vomit.

Kristy Lee Cook – Forever

Kristy Lee sucks in the rehearsal. I hope she doesn’t pull this off. Does Kristy Lee have herpes on her lip? Okay, thats mean.

Kristy Lee looks hot tonight (almost wrote hooks, as in hooker). I hate that Kristy Lee doesn’t suck. I hate it. I don’t want to talk about it anymore! The End.

David Cook – Always Be My Baby

Here goes. Could be dangerous. Back to the lame-o haircut. I also hate to admit that I like this version too.

I do not want to talk about this anymore. Of course everyone likes it. Oh, his brother was there though, so that is pretty awesome. Are we looking at a David vs David finale?

Jason Castro – I Don’t Wanna Cry

I love that Mariah is actually giving feedback and helping the finalists. I think that I may be a little biased about this night, because I am really liking most of the performances, even the ones I shouldn’t have.

Jason brought a nice coffee-house vibe to I DONT WANNA CRY. I was most worried about him, but I think he did it justice. Randy hated it. Paula loved it. Simon thought he was great.

After watching this show, I think Mariah Carey night has been one of the most enjoyable and entertaining nights of American Idol. She is the first mentor this season to actually give the contestants advice.

  1. pro
    April 16, 2008 at 11:26 pm

    Brooke White needs to go….totally boring. Her facial expressions and she needs to shut up. All of her songs sound alike

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