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My friend Donny Anderson

Through the wonders of myspace, I have had the opportunity to befriend some cool musicians and see them pursue their dreams in the music industry. Colbie Caillat and I used to chat back and forth and now she is a big deal. Thats pretty damn cool.

I’ve been friends with Donny Anderson for hmm, a few years now after discovering his music on myspace.  He put out an EP of sorts with some great songs on it. Over the years he has been shopping publishing and record deals. Fingers crossed the something works out for him. He’s got a soulful-country thing going on and a voice mature beyond his 24 years. Photo by Matt Vardy.

CMT Canada recently discussed Donny on air. Unfortunately they didn’t showcase any of his music or an interview, but he was named as a great independent artist. He has opened for many big named country bands and one day, lesser-knowns will be opening for him. Below is the aforementioned video:


For some tunes, go to his myspace: www.myspace.com/donnyanderson

Or check out a live performance: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Qs-DLgTTXDk

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