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BB9 – April 23, 2008 – HOH and Elimination

Tonight on Big Brother we find out who won the HOH competition last night and I believe someone is immediately evicted from the house, leaving the Top 2 in the Big Brother house. INTENSE.

This season has flown by, but not without its intensity and crazy moments. At the beginning, I hated it. I thought they were ll a bunch of sluts and I didn’t want to continue. I stuck with the show and begun to like them and enjoy their ridiculousness. And now that we are at Top Three, I do not like it any longer, but I have to continue for the last two episodes.

Here comes the non-exciting almost conclusion of Big Brother 9. Lets hope July 13th brings a great new season with possibly a friend of mine! Here’s to hoping.


Well, it looks like Ryan and Adam had the plan to get rid of Sharon right before the eviction. I guess Sharon was more of a threat than Sheila. Good choice.

Ryan wins the final HOH and pretty much deserves to win the $500k. Ryan votes out the broken-down (or as Chelsia would say, RODE HARD) Sheila. Sheila cannot believe it, which is lame in my opinion. She had to have realized that she had absolutely no game.

Sunday is the finale. Then I can wash my hands of this season.

  1. August 3, 2008 at 8:22 am

    is this the usa version you talk about?

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