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What I Hate about Pedestrians…

Living near Boston, I have encountered this much more than I did in Florida.

Picture this. You are sitting at a LONG ASS red light waiting for your 4.7 seconds of a green light to take a left across 5 lanes of traffic. You look to the right and see a pedestrian or two walking down the sidewalk towards your intersection oblivious to the world. White ear buds dangling down to their waist where their new ipod is buckled in. You look at the red light, then back at the speeding walker, then back at the red light. All the while you are hoping that either the pedestrian gets across the street before the light turns green or that the light turns green before the pedestrian gets a chance to cross the street.

Inevitably both events converge and I am left with a dilemma: Do I run this person over or Do I have to sit through another hellacious light?

It appears that the pedestrian does not have this dilemma. They usually just saunter right across the street jammin’ to their tunes.



  1. crisn
    April 24, 2008 at 7:25 pm

    it’s funny but pedestrian’s demeanor (or the lack of it) seems all the same regardless of the country where they live in….nice blog. just like the way i feel about pedestrians…

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