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That makes me gag…

Tomorrow, I will be going under the knife in a simple wisdom tooth extraction. Now, I know this is a routine procedure, so I shouldn’t be too worried. I mean, I’ve had a root canal before and made out just fine, besides the pain afterwards. So I hear there is pain and discomfort and maybe some swelling and bleeding. I’m good with all that, but what I am not really good with is GAUZE. Holy crap.

I hate gauze anywhere in my mouth or near my teeth. I dread the dentist when I know they are going to have to dry off my teeth with a small piece of white gauze. The feeling is nauseating and truthfully, I have almost vomitted in the chair during its use.

So bring on some gum cutting, bring on some tooth breaking, bring on the blood, but PLEASE do not bring on the GAUZE!!!! AHHH


 So what makes you gag? Nothing dirty please, HA

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  1. OrSoSheSaid
    April 25, 2008 at 9:48 am

    Who knew you were such a gauzaphobe?!

    Last time I was at the dentist for a filling they had this little floor fan on full blast. The dentist and his assistant were giggling like school kids when I got there. They asked if I minded if the dentist used gauze during the filling. I said no, and they continued to giggle. So I’m thinking ok . . .? . . . not really funny guys. Then the dentist explained that the patient before me had a really bad reaction to gauze which caused him to gag continually and violently while it was being used, thus the floor fan on full blast. He went on to say that he’s had quite a few patients who don’t like gauze being used, but the gagger was the worst he had ever encountered.

    Maybe they can use something else? Either way it seems like you’re not alone with not liking the gauze. Hopefully it’s over and done with quickly!

  2. April 25, 2008 at 1:57 pm

    OMG Gauze is just CRUEL. They have to invent something to stop using gauze. It makes me gag too!!

    Hmmm, what makes me wanna gag? oh oh, having to swallow medicine pills, IT KILLS ME.

  3. April 25, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    How many wisdom teeth are being pulled?
    I had two done at once, one on each side.
    It wasn’t horrible, especially since they knock you with gas, numb the shit outta your face, then give you a lot of drugs!
    I took the drugs too often and ran out so I was a littel sore for like two days a week later. Make sure they write down the dosage and not just tell you once you’ve come-to.
    Gauze is gross and tastes nasty. And to pull out a moist and bloody one so you can put in a fresh one is the worst.

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