BB9 is OVER!

This was an odd season for me. At the beginning, I hated everyone in the house. I thought to myself, “how did CBS manage to get so many sluts and jerks in the house at once?” Then as the true idiots got kicked out of the house, I started liking the “game” a little bit more.  Then, after James and Sharon were kicked out of the house, I began to hate the game again and couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Tonight was the finale. The Jury asked the questions of the final two, Adam and Ryan. Adam wins BB9 with a vote of 6-1. I think the main reason Ryan lost was because of his money-hungry, obnoxious girlfriend Jen.

Adam takes home $500k (before taxing the hell out of it).

Ryan takes home $50k (before taxes).

James wins America’s vote! He takes home $25k (before taxes), most of which he is planning to “party away”.



On a side note, I think alot of reality shows suck at first, then as you get to know everyone, they get better, then they suck again when “your” people get the boot.

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