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Wisdom Tooth Update

So as we read last week, I was dreading the Oral Surgeon, not because of the actual “surgery” but mainly because of the gauze. GAG!

I got to the office a few minutes early (mainly because I am very, very punctual) so that I could prepare myself for this surprisingly simple extraction. I get in the room and immediately tell the “helper” (what are oral surgeon helpers called? Nurses?) about my hatred of gauze and all the things I feel about it. I’m sure she thought I was a big wuss, so I had to play it off like it was really no big deal.

The doctor comes in with the numbing gel (that tasted like banana, weird) and puts that in my mouth before injecting the Novocaine in a few places. He announces that he’ll be back in 15 minutes. So I sit there waiting thinking, I don’t know if this is numbing me. I mean, its hard to tell since you still have feeling on your tongue. So am I feeling my tongue press my tooth or the opposite? Either way, he comes back, numbs me up some more.

The next happened in less than 2 minutes (no lie!). He puts a tool in my mouth and scrapes back and forth (I feel nothing), then the “helper” said this will be a bit of pressure, doctor shoves instrument in my mouth, pushes my head with the pressure, then says “all done.” WHAT?! That’s it? Seems hardly worth the Novocaine really.

So I get my gauze pads and prescriptions and head to get them filled, then home. I use the gauze for what seems like forever. The whole while I was thinking, this is entirely too long! But I kept going. Turns out I was doing it for too long and pulling out some of the clot, but its all good now. Back on semi solid foods and so far, 48 hours later, have had no pain and haven’t needed the Vicodin. 🙂

Good times. So thats my story and, yeah, thats it…


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