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Discovering Laura Izibor

So, I just watched another cheesy, feel good, entertaining movie. Prepare yourself for some laughter, but the movie was STEP UP 2: The STREETS. Yes, I watched it. SO. WHAT? HA.

Anyway, it is usually in these movies where the main character has had a blow to their ego where they sit and reflect and have some sort of epiphany and that is where the best ballad or inspiring songs are introduced. As I watched, I immediately jumped to amazon to check the cd listing. Going through the tracklisting…Uh, NO. No. No. No. Maybe (oh, no). No. Nothing there that sounded like this song.

So who was this Joss Stone sounding woman singing “mmm, mmm, [blah blah blah]”? A few “google minutes” (I think I just coined that phrase!) later, I found out it was a song called “Mmm” by Laura Izibor. So thats all I know so far, but I wanted to share my discovery. What do you think?

Section of movie with song (cue EPIPHANY!):

Laura singing “MMM” live in Dublin:


Laura singing “Killing me Softly”

  1. nicole
    May 12, 2008 at 3:17 am

    i also heard the song Mmmm by Laura Izibor.
    but i can’t find the lyrics.
    know where i can?

  2. emjay217
    May 12, 2008 at 8:34 am


    make everything so simple in a crazy world,

    and i’m tryna find the words to say,

    you make everything alright just by being around

    boy you make me wanna sing


    your my light in the dark

    guiding, guiding me home

    and your faith in me, is all i need

    baby,mmmm your love it sets me free


    i need a little help, boy

    i can’t seem to breath easy

    not when your around oooh


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