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Top 5 – Neil Diamond Night – My Thoughts…

Tonight is Neil Diamond night. I am not a huge fan of Neil Diamond, but I am comforted by the fact that I don’t have to listen to Neil Diamond sing the ten songs. So I am going into this night with an open mind besides the fact that I am worried about David Archuleta’s song choices. If Syesha can connect emotionally with “Hello Again” she may just nail tonight. đŸ™‚ A guy can hope right?


Round One:

Jason Castro – Forever in Blue Jeans

Jason makes some weird faces. I wish Jason would break out of his own mold and do something so crazy. He had another good “coffee shop” performance with this odd, odd choice of a song. I really don’t have much to say about it.

David Cook – I’m Alive

David really does need a new haircut. Was the song too low at the beginning or was that just me? Its nice he is somewhat paying homage to Neil Diamond in his performance. Also to his brother with all the AC initials on his clothes and guitars. That song was about 34 seconds long. Or it felt like it.

Brooke White – I’m a Believer

Wow. She started like crap. Does anyone think of this song as anything other than a Monkees song? I am not a huge fan of this nor am I a fan of her “deer in headlights” look. The end was the best part of the song for me. Mainly because it was over. On a side note, I realized that I have her debut cd on my computer, but I never listened to it.

David Archuleta – Sweet Caroline

Neil thinks that David A. is a prodigy. Lets see what we think about that. First is our Red Sox song! Its nice to see David look like he is having a great time on the stage. I think I might sing his version of this at my next game at Fenway Park. He honestly looks different tonight; what is it? This was the first performance I liked of the night. So far.

Syesha Mercado – Hello Again

I love watching my girlfriend, I mean Syesha. I don’t like the fact that she has an engagement ring though. Starts out awesome and beautiful. She is vocally so talented, please America, keep her in it. I cannot say a bad thing about that performance. Once again, amazing!

Are we to assume that Paula screwed up and they didn’t edit it out before airing? That was just weird. Simon was a bit too hard on everyone, except maybe Brooke.

Round Two:

Jason Castro – September Morn

Didn’t we just hear this song? Or did he sing this last week or the week before. Jason is a bit of a one trick pony. He has his teenage girl fans to thank for keeping him around. He will put out a great beachy album and I will definitely get myself a copy of that. As far as this competition goes, he’s not ready to continue. The end was a mess.

David Cook – All I Really Need is You

New guitar. I feel that David Cook has gone past the part where he grew on me. I am starting to molt and become bored again. I feel that he approaches alot of the songs the same. In a Daughtry-esque way; Matchbox 20 way; Hootie way. I don’t feel that tonight was his best night. He is safe and his Itunes sales will be high once again. Oh well. Judges loved it. Not surprising.

Brooke White – I Am…I Said

Here comes the piano! We can only hope she flubs again! Lets write on our hands shall we? Do we have LET IT BE Brooke back? This could be good for her. I actually am enjoying it. OOH, a squeak. I do have to admit, her vocal ability is really lacking. I wonder what her actual range is?

David Archuleta – America

Big song for David. Its nice to see that he is keeping his eyes open, its like a whole new David Archuleta. This song makes me want to vomit. He has such a big voice, needs some more control. I’m pretty sure he is safe and will be in David-David finale.

Syesha Mercado – Thank the Lord for the Night Time

Lets hope for something big and exciting. Going last helps (usually). Can I just mention how HOT she is? I don’t think I ever have. HAHA. She sounds fantastic once again. I just hope that people can recognize. Good praise from Paula. Simon, I hate! 1-866-idols-05 or 10. Lets do it.

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