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Gavin Degraw – Self Titled CD

Gavin Degraw – Gavin Degraw (release date 5/6/08 )

Well, it has only been 5 years since his first studio release “Chariot” and frankly, I believe that is too long to wait! But saying that, I am glad that it is time for a new Gavin Degraw album. You would think that making an album after 5 years would be a hard task. Mainly because as a singer/songwriter, 5 years would probably yield hundreds of songs. I am happy to find that a few of my LIVE favorites of Gavin’s have seen the light of day in the studio and on this disc.

When I met Gavin back in 2003, he was fresh off his CHARIOT release but yet still had an underground (or indie) following. He played selections from his album and a few from this new self-titled release. What an awesome show. Definitely worth the drive and the $12.

I always found it curious when an artist releases a self-titled CD that is not the debut disc. Maybe it is not that weird to everyone else, but I find it interesting.

Onto my thoughts. After streaming the album a few times on Gavin’s site, I am impressed and pleased. It would have been a shame to wait so long for an album that I hated. My stand outs are COP STOP (of course, except for the crazy crack in the middle that wasn’t edited out-hmmm), RELATIVE (another tour favorite), NEXT TO ME (WAIT A MINUTE SISTER), SHE HOLDS THE KEY, UNTAMED and WE BELONG TOGETHER (from Tristan & Isolde but re-recorded and slowed down). COP STOP has been my favorite for years now as some of my friends know. Maybe I should just name all 12 tracks.

This album is less acoustic sounding than the first. Gavin has added more guitars and drums (overall, more instruments) to his songs and provided a more “rock” sound as evident on the first single, IN LOVE WITH A GIRL. This album is less “raw” than the first album, but its a nice musical transition for his sophomore effort.  There are songs on the album that should (I say should because the industry is fickle) do well on the radio and bring Gavin back as a force to be reckoned with.

Overall, I would give this album a solid 9 out of 10. I LOVE IT. Much thanks Mr. Degraw for providing me with some ear candy.  There is nothing more pleasing than being able to listen to a CD from beginning to end without skipping tracks. I will be purchasing this album on its release date. Thank you for the early stream.

Album is streaming on: http://www.gavindegraw.com/

  1. lovemusic
    August 5, 2008 at 11:23 am

    I love gavin’s music a lot, another artist to check out (that has great music similar to gavin’s) is eric solomon, his stuff is really awesome you should check it out on his website!

  2. May 7, 2009 at 10:06 am

    I love your comment about “being able to listen to a CD from beginning to end without skipping tracks.” Gavin’s albums are great that way. They make perfect soundtracks for a road trips, and you really can’t beat a live Gavin Degraw show. His live song transitions are smooth and he’ll add some old R&B tunes in there for variety. He is so open towards the crowd, he’s almost like a lounge act. Such an underated talent. Even if you think you’d hate him because you don’t like his radio hits, you should see Gavin Degraw. He’ll surprise you.

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