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Phil Stacey – Phil Stacey CD

Phil Stacey – Phil Stacey (Release date: 4/29/08 )

Here comes another Idol alum! Phil Stacey was on last season’s American Idol and did fairly well. Only towards the end of his run did American discover Phil’s knack for country tunes which had been his lifetime in the making. Randy Jackson pointed out that “this is where you belong,” probably with alot more “dawg” and “da bomb” statements.

Phil Stacey has taken the country route like a few other Idol contestants such as, Josh Gracin, Bucky Covington, Carmen Rasmusen, Kellie Pickler, and most notably, Carrie Underwood. Hopefully this release will prove to be successful. From what I know, his first single IF YOU DIDN’T LOVE ME is doing fairly well on the country charts with little or no marketing push.

As I listened to the album, I thought to myself that overall it was a good album. The downfall is possibly the fact that there are no stand-out tracks. So when you put out a good album, but nothing makes you want to go back and press “repeat” over and over again, you end up with a mediocre effort. This is not where you want to be when the music industry has a huge turnover record, almost on the hour. I will say that the second half of the album is better than the first half. Overall, a solid 11 tracks for a very “listenable” album. If you are an Idol and country music fan, you may enjoy this album even more.

The tracks I enjoy the most are IT’S WHO YOU KNOW, BE GOOD TO EACH OTHER, and STILL GOING THROUGH.

I hope that Phil Stacey and the country market prove me wrong. I give this one a 7 out of 10, mainly because I didn’t have to skip any nonsense tracks. 🙂

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