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Top 5 –> Top 4 PHEW!

Ladies and Gentleman, we made it through another results night show. Hopefully the changes that they propose making next year will be to make the results night episode back to the 30 minutes. I can handle (sometimes) a group number, a song by the mentor and then the inevitable boot.

Tonight I decided to fast forward through most of the show. I did see the group number which I found to be a mess. It brought me back to High School days. It was the equivalent of a bad musical on a high school stage. We find out early in the show who the bottom two are: Syesha Mercado (not surprising) and Brooke White (also not surprising). At this point, I am hoping the 437979379 votes that I put in for Syesha have paid off.

More boring performances by Natasha Bedingfield and Neil Diamond.

Brooke White is eliminated from American Idol. To be fair she had a good run and had some good performances scattered throughout. The past few weeks have been rough and she knew it and I think she had accepted the fact that she was probably going home. I will never understand how they expect someone who just got voted off to sing their songs. Brooke had trouble with the lyrics again, but that was just fitting. 🙂

Good job Brooke White. You will still get signed and put out a great folksy album.

  1. May 1, 2008 at 1:17 am

    It was no surprise that the bottom two were Syesha and Brooke. And it was even less surprising to see Brooke leave.
    If anyone who is not Jason Castro leaves next week, I’m not only going to throw a fit in my living room, but I will also write a very angry e-mail to every person associated with American Idol.
    This competition is no longer a talent contest, but one that is soley based on “who has more teenage girls calling.” And that is not fair as well as encouraging the listeners of America to settle with mediocre talent only because it looks pretty. (JC is a cutie, no doubt.) However, I know that if JC didn’t have those baby blues or sparkling smile, he would’ve left when we all predicted he would.
    I still want Carly back.

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