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Augustana – Can’t Love… Can’t Hurt

Augustana – Can’t Love… Can’t Hurt ( Release Date: 4/29/08 )

So back in 2006, when I was contemplating my move to Boston, was right around the time that Augustana released their song BOSTON. How appropriate (if you don’t read the lyrics of the rest of the song)! So that soon became my theme song for my move and will forever be associated with this portion of my life. I didn’t really enjoy the rest of that album or even the albums prior.

However, I think the fame of the single, BOSTON, has brought Augustana into the mainstream and possibly allowed for better production and songwriting opportunites. Or maybe just the know-how from a music producer was all they needed to pick a great selection of ten songs (which I always feel is about four songs too little for a full-length album).

Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt is still true to Augustana. The BOSTON track on this album can be heard on the closing track, WHERE LOVE WENT WRONG. The boys found a little Matt Nathanson vibe with EITHER WAY, I’LL NEVER BREAK YOUR HEART. And I certainly didn’t want to skip HEY NOW and I STILL AIN’T OVER YOU.

From the emotional ballads, TWENTY YEARS and FIRE, to the radio-friendly uptempo MEET YOU THERE (which reminds me of Evan & Jaron’s CRAZY FOR THIS GIRL circa early 2000s), Augustana has hit the mark with their new release. They will maintain their existing fans and gain new ones with songs that will remind listeners of their own experiences, thus locking in the visuals for each song.

I would have to say that I give this an 8 out of 10. I would have given a nine if there were more tracks to listen to. Ten just doesn’t do it for me. 🙂


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