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And now we have it…our TOP THREE

Note: I am doing this live again…

Well, it has come to the time were we get to hear who our TOP THREE Idol contestants are.

Ryan let us know that 51 million votes were cast last night. I think that maybe 1 million of those were mine for Syesha, but who knows if these blisters are going to pay off. 🙂 Ryan clears up the thought that Randy Jackson made Syesha cry. I never thought he did. I think she really just got caught up in the moment and broke down just a little. Paula gives another shout out to Syesha. Well-deserved.

Another group number and for the first time this season, I don’t mind it. They don’t sound horrible (except for when they rush the lyrics) and kinda look like they are having a good time.

I will repeat the thought that American Idol should go back to a 30 minute results show. Next season, please?

How nerve-wracking could standing backstage be before the results are read? David Archuleta really shouldn’t talk or be interviewed. David Archuleta is safe. Not a surprise.

Idols go to Vegas. But I don’t care. Ha. I love Syesha in a dress.

David Cook is called to the stage. He is safe. Shocking! haha. Which means that Syesha and Jason are in the bottom two.

Must we always have to sit through those Ford commercials? They seriously make me nauesous.

Skipping Q&A portion. Um, except I waited too long and heard David Cook awkwardly get asked out on a date. Wow. How do you answer something like that?

Maroon 5. ZZZZZZzzz. I have seen them in concert before. SNORE! But I like the CD alot.

Bo Bice. ffwd. I just can’t really look at him. I know that is so wrong, but I don’t think I am alone with that sentiment.

Now it is time for the person to get kicked off. Reviews from last night…and…

Syesha, stop talking please. Thank You.


Syesha has made it to the top three with the Davids. Hallelujah! My votes counted!

  1. May 8, 2008 at 3:18 am

    I knew Jason was going home tonight. You can only screw up soo badly before the girls turn on you. That and he seemed stoned the entire season.
    And it made me giggle when Jason’s final performance was cut off for the credits.
    I believe it’s going to be a David vs. David finale.
    Poor Syesha, she’s pretty awesome!

  2. May 10, 2008 at 8:42 pm

    I am glad Jason FINALLY didn’t get enough votes. And Syesha is awesome. Great personality, great performed, and even greater singer. She would make a fun concert. I believe David Cook would also be great in concert. As far as David Archeleta, he’s an awesome singer. I can’t wait to hear all 3 of them on the radio or satellite radio!

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