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Who is coming back next season…

I guess I’ll update this when I find out, but I wanted to make a place for the shows I watch and their renewal status for 2008-2009 seasons. AH


How I Met Your Mother – probably because of Ms. Britney Spears. Although, I think I am done with her on the show. Two episodes are enough.

Eli Stone – This makes me so happy. Was my favorite new show last season; by a long shot!

New Adventures of Old Christine– Has to win back some fans from the first season next time around.

Ugly Betty – Of course.

Samantha Who? – Um, good, cause I like it.

Pushing Daisies – Surprisingly. Welcomed.

Cold Case – Because it is awesome

Criminal Minds – Naturally.

Ghost Whisperer – Big butt and all

Numb3rs – Sans Megan. Hmmm

Prison Break – HOW? Oh well.

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles – I didn’t like it at first, but by the last episode, I was ready for more. Bring it on.

Supernatural – Least we know that Dean doesn’t die this week.

Celebrity Apprentice – Shockingly better than the past few season of regular Apprentice.

No Word Yet

Moonlight – hasn’t been cancelled, but apparently has not made the CBS fall schedule! AHHH


Moonlight – AHHH. Why?!

Big Shots – That’s just a shame.

Journeyman – Don’t these people know good television? This will be missed.

Bionic Woman – Peace out lame show.

The 4400 and The Dead Zone – Damn USA, like you have anything better?

New Amsterdam – DAMN! I liked that one.

Women’s Murder Club – Not surprised, but it was starting to get decent and watchable. The strike probably didn’t help.

Miss Guided – It was weird, but by the end it was kinda funny. Too bad.

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