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Going without…

So, last night was crappy. I got home and went to check my email and change my away status to “i hate running” before I started my new running kick (which may not last long because just like last time, I HATE IT). My internet was down. Normally it has to do with the USB wireless adapter that I have on my desktop, so I unplugged that and rebooted my computer. Still NOTHING. Um, let me check the modem and router in the other room. Reboot those. Nothing. So I turn on the televisions and none of them work. I get the message “This channel will be back shortly,” YEAH RIGHT!

Now, the account is in my roommates name and he wont be home till later, so I called the cable company myself and pretended to be him (no harm). They say there are no outages in the area. They can’t come to the house until Friday morning between 8am and noon (of course it has to be a weekday and a four hour window). Okay, that’s fine, but….Idol is on tonight. Criminal Minds. Top Chef. Ultimate Fighter! Tomorrow… Ugly Betty, Season Finale of Supernatural!

So I put in the calls to my dad and grandma to tape the episodes for me just in case they aren’t posted online. I managed to snag someone’s wireless for the night (temporarily, don’t freak) and I got my updates about Idol and my loss of Syesha. All was just fine. Except the running, that sucked.

And that was my night without cable and “my own” internet. 🙂

  1. May 15, 2008 at 9:45 am

    Don’t be too disappointed with missing “Idol” ’cause you sure didn’t miss much. They really can drag a ten-minute task out into an hour, can’t they? I heard that previous seasons’ results shows were just half-hour … if so, they really ought to go back to that. We got to see Fantasia perform, and she was pretty good (talk about puttin’ some ENERGY into a performance!), but still, by the time the final five minutes came, they built up to it so much that it was seriously anti-climactic. Jeesh…!

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