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Top 3 –> Top 2 — :(

Syesha Mercado has been eliminated from American Idol. Top Three! Not bad for someone who has been in the bottom two too many times to count. Not bad for the contestant that the judges never wanted to compliment. Not bad for the contestant that a majority of the viewing audience disliked. Not bad for my crush. 🙂

Syesha Mercado has come a long way and I am happy that she made it to top three against so much adversity in the American Idol public. Ha.

I fear that she might fall into the traps of a lot of the third place contestants. Shall I mention Melinda Doolittle (no album yet), Vonzell Solomon (no record deal), Nikki McKibbin (sucked), Kimberley Locke (mild success), etc. If she didn’t have that many fans voting for her, who will buy her album. Either way, my fingers are crossed.

Thanks to those who came to comfort me about my “loss”. Fortunately, I knew it was coming!

To Erica…She doesn’t suck! Get over it! just kidding.

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