This bites…

Oh, I just amuse myself sometimes.

On to more somber topics, the series finale of MOONLIGHT aired last night. I have this horrible knack for getting really into a show only to find it is cancelled after a season. Shame on you CBS for cancelling this awesome vampire drama series. What did you expect airing a new series on a Friday night?!

The sad thing is that MOONLIGHT replaced another one of my favorite shows that was cancelled, CLOSE TO HOME. It seems that 9PM on Fridays is a tough spot to keep viewers, although Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs are still around.

On the series finale of MOONLIGHT, the vampires were almost exposed AND then in the end were exposed anyway. Mick and Beth break up and then come back together. I guess if it had to end, that was the way to do it although I just feel like I was left hanging.

If only the networks consulted me on which shows to keep and which to cancel. They might just be a little more successful.

  1. michellelynnweblog
    June 19, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    Hey from a fellow Moonlight fan. If you are not involved with the campaign effort to help find Moonlight a new network home, we are happy to have you on board. The show is being shopped around. Please go over to or for updates and what you can do to participate in the fight. Right now, we have gotten exciting news from Direct TV that they are willing to sponsor the show. They want to know if the fans are willing to switch over to their service or are already a current member before they decide to take on the responsiblity to become a sponsor. There’s a poll over on – you have to be come a registered member to paticipate in the poll.

    WB and Joel Silver are currently in talks with Sci-Fi. Other networks such as USA, FX, and TNT are interested in picking up Moonlight. They are not in talks with them at the moment.

    All TPTB, actors, writers, and the rest of the crew knows about our efforts in saving Moonlight and they are overwelmed in a good way.

    Lists of sites to go to:


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