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Uh, rewind…what was that?

So this is late, I know, but for some reason I was waiting for it to appear on youtube so that I could prove it.

I am an avid watcher of TOP CHEF on Bravo (big shocker, huh?). Although I am not a fan of this season’s contestants, I do still enjoy watching the show. Everyone seemed to have stepped up the cockiness this season, including the judges. Tom is so condescending this season and Padma has found her inner bitch. Its all pretty humorous.

I can’t stand half of the people left in the competition, but thats not really what this post is about.

I was watching an episode the other day and after the previews for the next week’s episode, Andrew (one of the contestants) was in the interview room and said, “I have a culinary boner.” Um, what? Rewind. “I have a culinary boner.” Wow, I wasn’t hearing things. The things we can say on television will never cease to amaze me.

I wish I could find the video

(When Andrew said it in the following episode, it wasn’t quite as funny. As a stand-alone statement, it was great; in context, not so much.)

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