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American Idol – Top 2 – My Thoughts…

Well, tonight is the night that we get to hear the cheesy winner’s song debuted. I wonder if they both will have the same song this year or if they each get their own. Hopefully the latter.

To be honest, I don’t really care who wins. It is my thought that David Cook would do better if he didn’t win. I think he might have a little more creative control. I also think that Archuleta needs to win to do well, I don’t know that he has as much pull as Clay Aiken did as runner-up. We will see tomorrow won’t we?

The following will be LIVE blogging so excuse the mess that it may be. 🙂


So I guess its Sugarfoot vs. Babyface now? Haha.

Three songs. Big deal. Four hours to vote. So what?

David Archuleta Babyface will go second after winning the coin toss.

Clive Davis – Round 1

David Cook Sugarfoot – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

So far, he is very “typical” DC to me. Although his hair is better. I also noticed there is a teleprompter for tonights Idols. Maybe they should have had this the whole season. I thought his performance was good but I am never wow-ed anymore, which is fine I guess.

Randy thought it was “Hot, Baby”. Paula thinks “she has found what she is looking for.” Simon thought it was phenomenal. I think they might be drunk. 🙂

Babyface – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down (on me)

DA. I keep saying it, but this kid amazes me. I wish when I was 17 and doing some singing in high school that I had chops like his. Lots of screaming girls tonight. DA looks like he is growing up on American Idol. I think he sounds great, but once again, I am not blown away by either of the contestants left. But I am glad to see him having some fun up there.

Randy thinks it was one of the best performances of the season (“Crazy Vocals”). Paula has chills (they are multiplying). Simon thinks it was the best he has done so far. DA looks like a little girl or maybe even a stereotypical lesbian.

Songwriter’s Contest – Round 2

Cook – Dream Big

DC and his AC guitar. When it started I was worried that the song was not going anywhere. Then the chorus came along and made it more radio friendly, albeit a bit too cheesy. I think this song works well for DC, but I also think that he couldn’t give two craps about it. SCREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAM to end the song. Eh, I don’t know. It’s better than “Inside Your Heaven” or “This is my Now”.

Randy thought the vocals were good. Paula liked it. Simon thought it was a “lightweight” and he made the most of what he had. I agree that it wasn’t a “winning moment” song.

Archuleta – In this Moment

Cheesy Title. I am sure we are in for a cheesy song. He has to keep his eyes open so that he can read the teleprompter. ZZZZZ so far. The chorus sounds good vocally, but I am not sure I can get past the nauseating lyrics. I am in this moment and I might puke in this moment because this moment is making me feel like crap. Oh, sorry. I think that I am not impressed, poor DA. But then again, what does it matter what I think.

Randy thinks the song sucked but the vocals were hot. Paula thinks DA is on fire. Simon thinks DA chose the better song and declares DA the winner of round 2 (and round 1). Who will win?!

Contestants Choice – Round 3

DC – The World I Know (by Collective Soul)

I think we are in for another typical David Cook performance. Start out light and acoustic and build up so that he can scream his big vocals. Lets see…

Okay, does anyone else hear that big loud beep/bell during his performance? I don’t know if David Cook really wants to win this. I hope his brother is okay because he really seems disengaged. Oh, and I was wrong, the song never built up. But he did cry.

Randy thinks it was very good song. Paula is rambling and is an idiot. Simon thinks DC is one of the nicest, most sincere contestants Idol has had.

DC isn’t going to win (in my opinion)

DA – Imagine (by John Lennon)

Bold trying to do a song he did so well on before. I know alot of fans will be happy if they record this as a studio track on Itunes.

David Archuleta sounds great, big shock. I find this song a little boring even though its a big monumental ballad. I guess I would like to hear something fun and exciting to end the show, but that is not what DA is all about. Boring ballads please! He really should have sung the phonebook for his final song, just to see if Randy and Paula liked it.

Randy has decided that Archuleta is the best singer of the season. Paula said she is speechless, yet she is still talking. Shut up. Simon declares tonight a knockout. I would have to agree.


I predict David will win. Haha. No, I think that Archuleta will win and he needs to compared to Cook. Cook will do fine either way. Best wishes to both because I won’t be voting tonight.

Um, just when I thought it was over, Ruben waddles out. So is Ruben on tonight because they didn’t want to invite him tomorrow night? To be honest, I don’t think that Ruben sounds like himself at all. Could it be that he looks bigger than he used to be.

I do enjoy the montage of videos from this season to the song “Celebrate Me Home”.

  1. May 21, 2008 at 9:43 am

    “Big deal” … “so what” … you sure seem to have lost interest in “Idol” quickly compared to last week … but then, I have to wonder how much interest I’d have lost if my favorite had been voted out before now, so I really can’t blame you. I do secretly root for David A., but part of me doesn’t care who wins, ’cause they both deserve it.

    Oh, and I too liked the montage at the end. Rock on, Milo (“No Sex Allowed”) Turk!! 😉

  2. Tinaisbored.com
    June 6, 2008 at 12:02 pm

    Matt. You put way too much thought and effort into this, my man. You need to get out more.

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