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Oh wow. I almost just peed myself…

So, back in the day (and by the day I mean high school), this song was all up on the radio. At the time, I had a sweet AIWA stereo with a headphone jack and my friends and I found it fun to make up ridiculous stuff and record it onto some sweet TAPES. The best part of my AIWA system was that it could remove the vocal tracks of the tapes or CDS so that we could do a little karaoke with it.

One day my friends E and R came over and we decided that we would record our version of “My Baby Daddy” by B-Rock and the Bizz. E (a girl) assumed the role of Tyrone and R (a guy) assumed the role of hmm, Aticia or Latisha or something like that. I was the sound effects of the door knock and holding of the microphone. I was the techie, haha. If only I had that recording, if only…

Oh memories…HA!

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