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Quaalude anyone??

My verdict on the first episode of SWINGTOWN makes me want a Quaalude. No, but seriously, although this has a weird home at CBS based on the content, I think I will give this show a shot if it doesn’t get cancelled. Normally something I like gets canned right before it was about to get good (i.e. BIG SHOTS, MOONLIGHT, that brothers show with the chick from The OC that is now on HOUSE, etc.).

The characters are pretty funny and seem to all have a little background story to each of them. Not to mention that 4 of the 6 shown in the picture to the left are….. SWINGERS!!! Hah, it looks like a fun time and I’m going along for the summer ride.

Key party anyone? Or shall we call it a watch party?


(thanks to ETOnline.com for the picture)
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