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Our Shows are dropping like flies…Top Chef is crowned…

Well, that finale was not as exciting as it usually is. Maybe I am just getting a little tired of the same formula for this show, but then again, tonight was a bit different. I thought that in the past that the finale was a bit longer and they immediate got rid of one of the top three in a quickfire elimination. Maybe I am wrong.

Either way, this boring 4 course meal competition was just that, boring. I had my favorites of Richard and Stephanie at the beginning and figured all would be fine, because how could that ugly, obnoxious Lisa go any further. What has she won? Like one competition? Oh yeah, by the skin of her teeth (or her sexy hair). Ha. Gross.

Anyway, Richard choked and he knew it. Something about this competition really knocked him down. Maybe he was just thinking of the new born at home, who knows. He has already proven how awesome of a chef he is- no worries. Stephanie and Lisa did the best in the judges eyes. For a second I thought that the judges were going to say, “Lisa. You are the next Top Chef.” I literally would have shit my pants and run out of the room screaming. (Imagine that)

Stephanie wins Top Chef and definitely desereved to be the first female top chef. Way to go.

Now what’s this I hear about a Top Chef Juniors? NO! It didn’t work for American Idol, it wont work for Top Chef. NO!

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