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So You Think You Can Kick off the first couple?

The time has come where the Top 20 dancers get knocked down week by week and come back wanting more. This is the time when it gets exciting. May I recall a post about the trend of reality shows that suck, then get good, then suck again. This will be the trend here but not as extreme. We may want to say: like, but not care; really enjoy; like, but not care. The last stage is open to change if the favorites remain and win the competition.

That being said. The first night I didn’t go into it liking anyone in particular. I thought they were all good performances with no one really botching anything too badly. That’s good, right? I mean there were those who weren’t quite connected, those who weren’t really dancing together and then those who were just dancing too slow for fast numbers (i.e. Disco).

I enjoy Comfort’s personality and her comment about her outfit and then Nigel’s follow-up impression.

My stand out of the night was Katee and Joshua, both of which I didn’t care one way or another about before watching. I kinda still don’t. Katee reminds me of someone from last season….um, Jaime? the one who danced with Hok. In any case, my favorite performance of the night was this..

As far as eliminations go, I was fine with it cause I haven’t grown to love anyone yet. They had the kiss of death by going first in a two hour show. So we part ways with Rayven and Jamie. PEACE OUT shiny undies.

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